Cincinnati Ultimate Committees

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee


Chair: Izzi Bikun, Secretary: Izzi Bikun

The Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee (DEI) was reformed (previously the Womxn's Committee*) to acknowledge our efforts to address race, gender, and socioeconomic status, and the intersections of these identities, in order to provide equitable opportunities and experiences for everyone in our area. 

*The "x" is used to be inclusive of non-binary and trans players as well as cisgender womxn. Check out this article for more info on that spelling shift.

Members: Izzi Bikun, Liz Anderson, Zach Kaylor, Mary Timmons, Matthew Argalas, Chelsea Partusch

Event Sanctioning Committee

Chair: Ryan Gorman, Secretary: Liz Anderson

Committe oversees Cincinnati Ultimate events and sanctioning process. Currently includes Youth Committee activities as well. More coming soon...

Members: William Cilley, Liz Keuffer, Peter Tran, Thomas Brewster, Ian Stevens

Finance Committee

Chair: Tom Phillips, Secretary: Ryan Gorman

Oversees the budgeting and accounting process for Cincinnati Ultimate. More coming soon...

Members: Liz Keuffer, Peter Tran

Club Team Committee


Chair: Ryan Gorman, Secretary: Liz Anderson

Club Team Committee Charter

The Club Team Committee supports the development, sustainability, celebration, and collaboration of club teams in the area at the youth, college, and club levels.

  • Development: Providing new teams with resources to successfully start up.

  • Sustainability: Helping to ensure that teams can continue to thrive at each level.

  • Celebration: Using our platform to promote and express our pride in our local club teams.

    • Youth All-Star Game (Spring)

    • Crosstown Showdown (Spring)

    • Club All-Star Game (Fall)

  • Collaboration: Networking between area teams to improve efficiencies.

    • Club Mixer (Spring)

    • Club Pick-Up (Fall)

Members: Brittany Winner, Mary Timmons, Ryan Gorman, Thomas Brewster, Liz Anderson, Camilo Barrera, GA Wettengel, Michael Ames

Dayton Committee


Chair: Thomas Brewster, Secretary: Liz Anderson

The Dayton Committee is responsible for running and executing leagues and other ultimate activities in the Dayton area. 

Main functions: 

  • Recreation: Provide year-round ultimate leagues or other activities for Dayton area residents.

  • Development: Support all Dayton Ultimate players and be committed to their growth as players.

  • Sustainability: Create a structure within Cincinnati Ultimate (this committee) so that Dayton ultimate activities can continue for years to come.

Members: Thomas Brewster, Avery Moeller, Benny Rider