Youth Ultimate

What is youth ultimate? You can find some information here.

Youth Ultimate Cincinnati (YUC)

YUC is a way for the youth of Cincinnati to get out and learn/play ultimate frisbee. It is coached by volunteers of parents, league players, and club/college teams around the area. Its a great way to learn and have fun!

Cincinnati Ultimate Select Program (CUSP)

CUSP is a select team for Cincinnati that competes around the USA for youth competition.

Chris Hoy Memorial Scholarship

We offer two $500 scholarships annually for graduating seniors.  Click on the link for information and an application.

You can also view the Youth Leagues, Clinics, and Tournaments around South Western Ohio that are for youth teams.


Youth Coaches Needed! 

We have a number of high school teams that need coaches for this school year. Youth Coaching is a great way to give back to the community and doesn't require experienced ultimate knowledge. All you need is enthusiasm and some general knowledge of the sport.

Most teams practice one or two days a week and all teams play league games on Sunday afternoons. Below are some schools in need of help, along with practice times and best contacts if you're interested or have other questions.