2021 Summer Tuesday Competition (Team)

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Summer League Information, Rules, Policies, and more can be found here

This is a team-based league, similar to how some leagues have been in the past summers. In order to play in this league, your team must have at least 6 players of each gender on your team. To submit a team, captains should email landerson@cincinnatultimate.org with their team request, team name, and a list of expected players. Players will register in the system individually through their login (pay, complete waivers, etc.) and will be added to the team.

Cost Details:
$65 standard rate
$45 discounted rate*

All payments collected must be collected online before the first games.

*We do not want cost to be a prohibitive factor. In an attempt to provide flexibility, we are offering a discounted rate for those who need it in a ”pay what you can” system. If this is still a concern, please reach out to Liz Anderson, Director of Operations (landerson@cincinnatiultimate.org) with requests for consideration. 

Age Requirement: 18 years of age or older as of 6/1/21*

*Exceptions to this rule will be allowed for players under 18 if they are playing with their parent/guardian on the same team (at least age 16 by 6/1/21).

League Levels

The purpose of our recreational leagues is purely for the benefit of playing and enjoying the game. Players of all skill levels (even brand new) are encouraged to participate. Game results will not be recorded (with the exception of the end-of-season tournament), as this is meant to be an opportunity to play the sport and engage with other players without the need for any other expectations.

The purpose of our competition leagues is for players that enjoy competing and want to challenge themselves to improve as ultimate players. While still an opportunity for enjoyment just like our recreational leagues, the expectation is that players participating in these leagues wish to play their best ultimate (even though everyone’s level of best ultimate varies). These leagues are still beneficial for players at all stages of development, but will challenge those players to learn and improve along the way. Proper knowledge of the rules and a comfort with a competitive atmosphere (on the field) are important characteristics for these league participants.

League Formats

The goal is for all leagues to be 7v7, full-field, non-modified, and mixed ultimate (true 4:3 or 3:4) in format. Once we have a better understanding of registration numbers, we will evaluate any changes that might make sense and provide a better experience (i.e., 5v5 or 4v4, single-gender, etc.). Given all the unknowns heading into this summer, we wanted to explain what we want to accomplish but prepare everyone if adjustments are necessary. Each league will consist of 8 weeks of games on the respective weeknight (two-hour window) concluded with a single-day tournament on the last weekend (specific dates outlined below).

*Just a reminder that all of this is subject to modification once we get a more concrete understanding of registration. We want to remain flexible to ensure that we can provide the optimal format in the end for everyone involved.


COVID-19 Considerations

  • Participants are expected to have completed the COVID-19 vaccination process:

    • There will be a question during the registration process to confirm that you have completed the vaccinations. Be prepared to present your vaccination card on the first night of competition that you attend.

    • Exceptions can be granted if medically necessary. If you wish to submit an appeal, please contact Liz (landerson@cincinnatiultimate.org).

    • This expectation will continue to be re-evaluated on an ongoing basis as the data around the pandemic evolves. At this time, we believe this is the safest way to get back to play sooner than waiting for the pandemic to fully resolve itself. We respect everyone’s decisions and feedback and understand that you must do what is best for yourself at this time.

  • Participants should complete a self-health assessment each week and should not come to the league if feeling any COVID-19 symptoms such as a fever, aches, chills, headache, and more as listed on the CDC website

  • If a player tests positive for COVID-19, they should alert the league directors and they may not participate in the league for two weeks until the symptoms and contact tracing risk are eliminated.

  • If a player is known to have tested positive for COVID-19, CUPA will alert the involved teams. Any player or coach who was in close contact with the COVID-19 positive player should consider quarantining themself. We will refer the suspected individuals for self-isolation and testing per CDC guidelines, and state, tribal, local, or territorial health department protocols.

  • 2021 waiver now includes information about communicable diseases and participants should be aware of the change.

  • All payments and waivers will be collected online to reduce the need to exchange these items in person.

  • No social events outside of the games will be coordinated (with the possible exception of the end-of-season tournament party, if safely feasible at that time). This refers to previous years where certain bars or restaurants were specifically identified for post-league gatherings.

  • Masks will not be required (but individuals are welcome to wear them if they prefer).

  • Hand sanitizer will be made available and disc cleaning is beneficial, but no specific cleaning regiment will be enforced.

  • There will not be a change to any gameplay rules, notably marking will remain the standard disc width from the thrower.

  • Players are encouraged to maintain space when possible off the field.


Liz Anderson

Jun 15 2021 - Aug 3 2021 06:30 to 08:30 PM

Clear Creek Soccer Complex
6200 Batavia Pike
Cincinnati, OH 45244


Aug 8 2021 - Aug 8 2021 08:00 to 06:00 PM

Cincinnati, OH 45209


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May 18 2021 at 12:00 AM to Jun 16 2021 at 03:00 PM
$45 or $65

All players must have a waiver/release on file with Cincinnati Ultimate from a previous 2021 league.