2022 Summer Thursday Competitive (Individual)

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Summer League Information, Rules, Policies, and more can be found here

Draft Details:
This is a draft-style league, where players register individually, and we have sets of captains who draft their teams in the hopes of getting an even spread of skill across the 6  teams. We will aim for 6 teams, playing 4:3, so each team will draft up to 10 men-matching players and 8 women-matching players. 

This league is meant for players who are more experienced and skilled in ultimate so as to provide a higher level of competition. Registration will be open to everyone, but not everyone will be drafted. Captains consider skill level in their choices, but also highly weigh a player's ability to play considerately in mixed ultimate. Players who register and are not drafted will be notified by email and refunded their payments. In the registration process, there is a space for players to write about their past ultimate experience. You will have enough time to fill this out as the website holds your spot in registration. Please be sure to take the time to fill this out, especially if you are new to town as this really helps paint a picture about your ultimate experience.

Important Dates: 
Summer League runs the week of June 7 through August 4, 2022. The end-of-season summer league tournament for Thursday teams will be on Sunday, August 7.  

We will NOT have league during the week of July 23-30 as CUPA is hosting the 2022 World Ultimate Club Championships that week and we encourage all of our league players to volunteer to help run the tournament. You can sign up here!

Cost Details:
$65 standard rate
$45 discounted rate*

All payments collected should be paid online before the first games, though we will accept cash in person. 

*We do not want cost to be a prohibitive factor. In an attempt to provide flexibility, we are offering a discounted rate for those who need it in a ”pay what you can” system. If this is still a concern, please reach out to Liz Anderson, Director of Operations (landerson@cincinnatiultimate.org) with requests for consideration. 

Age Requirement: 18 years of age or older as of 6/1/21*

*Exceptions to this rule will be allowed for players under 18 if they are playing with their parent/guardian on the same team (at least age 16 by 6/1/22).

League Formats

The goal is for all leagues to be 7v7, full-field, non-modified, and mixed ultimate (true 4:3 or 3:4) in format.

COVID-19 Considerations

  • Participants should not come to the league if they are not feeling well, ESPECIALLY if they are showing any COVID-19 symptoms such as a fever, aches, chills, headache, and more as we do not want to put anyone at risk for any type of sickness. 

  • Please follow the current CUPA COVID-19 policies for if you test positive or suspect you may have been in contact with someone who has.


Liz Anderson Michael Partusch

Jun 7 2022 - Aug 3 2022 06:30 to 08:30 PM

Clear Creek Soccer Complex
6200 Batavia Pike
Cincinnati, OH 45244


Aug 7 2022 - Aug 7 2022 08:00 to 06:00 PM

Clear Creek Soccer Complex
6200 Batavia Pike
Cincinnati, OH 45244


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Apr 18 2022 at 12:00 AM to Jun 1 2022 at 11:59 PM
$45 or $65

All players must have a waiver/release on file with Cincinnati Ultimate from a previous 2022 league.