2024 Winter Friday Indoor League


This Indoor Winter League is back and structured just like last year! There are a lot of details on this page, so please make sure you read carefully. 

This league will be 6 weeks long from 8-10pm, January 19 to March 1 (skipping Friday, January 26th for our Volunteer Appreciation Party), playing at Rivers Edge on two walled, indoor soccer fields, sized at 180x80 feet. Because of these smaller fields, we will play 5v5 and play a ratio of 3:2.

Captains will draft players into 4 teams. Please plan to wear a jersey that matches your team's color as well as a white jersey (no greys or multicolor, please!). Players need to be at least 18 by January 1, 2024. The cost is $90 for 6 weeks. 

League Rules 2024

This league will utilize the most up-to-date rulebook with the following modifications:

  • 4 teams & two rounds 
    • First game: 8-8:55 pm
    • Second game: 9:00-9:55 pm
  • 5v5 with the ratio of 3:2, men-matching to women-matching. 
  • Stall to 7 (starting at 1, stall would then be the "S" in seven)
  • No time outs, no halftime
  • All indoor structures (nets, walls, poles, etc) are considered out of bounds. If a disc hits these structures, it is “out” and is to be set into play at the location on the playing field closest to where the contact occurred.
  • No pulls - when a point is scored, the formerly defending team will start the next point on the endzone line near where the disc was scored. 
  • When the time expires, finish the point (see Universe Point Rules for if the game is tied at the end of the point).
  • Universe Point rules: If the point that is played out after time expires results in a tied game, play one more point (Double Game Point). Please make substitutes, in-game calls, etc quickly during this point. If the point does not conclude before the start of the next game or the end of the rented time slot, the league director reserves the right to call a tie if too much time has passed. 
  • NEW IN 2024: Hockey-style subbing! Players can substitute themselves anytime during the point. The player must be exiting the field (over the threshold the door) before the player coming in can run out. 

Registration notes:

  • Once you select REGISTER, you have 15 minutes to fill out the registration. It will hold your spot while you fill out the fields, so please make sure you do this! It is helpful for the captains to be able to see details about players as they are making decisions on who to draft. 
  • We will plan to allow more men-matching players to register than there are roster spots for MMPs, and not everyone may be drafted. League captains and the League Director will moderate the draft process and we will communicate this as soon as the draft is completed. 
  • As this is an experienced league, Captains will be looking to craft teams of both skilled and fun players. Captains will draft players who are spirited, respectful of all players on the team, and play well in mixed ultimate. 
  • Please know that registering for this league (particularly as a man-matching player) does not guarantee that you have a spot in this league. If players are not drafted, they will be notified immediately after the draft is completed and issued a refund. 

Sub Policy: 

  • Subs are allowed to participate if a team has less than 4 women-matching players or 6 men-matching players that night. 
  • All subs must be vetted through Liz Anderson, the league director, to verify the appropriate skill level.
  • Subs will be asked to pay $10 per night they sub.


Liz Anderson

Jan 19 2024 - Mar 1 2024 08:00 to 10:00 PM

Rivers Edge
5255 St. Rt. 128
Cleves, Ohio 45002


This is the league status, you may check your status here.
Dec 11 2023 at 08:00 PM to Jan 7 2024 at 03:00 PM

All players must have a waiver/release on file with Cincinnati Ultimate from a previous 2024 league.