Sureshot Ultimate

Captain(s): Ruth Williams Meredith Eichenlaub Julie Sebastian
Founded in 2016

Sureshot is a competitive, practicing women's team based in Cincinnati. 2021 brings us into our 5th season, after a short break in 2020. We are holding women's specific practices once a week, open to all women-matching players in the community. Each practice we encourage further development of individual skills, as well as building a strong women's presence in Cincinnati. Feel free to reach out to one of the Captains to get more information on where and when we practice if you'd like to come out and play.

Sureshot will compete in 4 tournaments, including the Championship Series. Come check us out at Elite Select Challenge (8/21-8/22: Lebanon, OH), Monkey Bowl (8/28-8/29: Nashville, TN), Sectionals (TBD), Regionals (10/2-10/3: Lebanon, OH). We’re here because we love to play ultimate and hang out with some of the awesomest women in Cincinnati region.  #pewpew #aimhigh

2022 Tryout Information

The 2021 roster has already been filled but we are always looking to meet great athletes. If you are interested in joining the team in 2022, follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to get more information about next season. 

Why you should try out
You look good with no sleeves; you want to play with fun women who ball hard; you love laying out on wet grass; you want a competitive outlet; you are good at cheers that rely on puns.

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