YUC Coaches

Coaching for YUC (Youth Ultimate Cincinnati)

On this page you will find all the information you need for coaching for YUC for the 2023 season. Most of this information is also in the coaching packet, which you can download as a handy reference.

League Directors

Our league director is Liz Anderson.  GA Wettengel is YUC Deputy Director.  They can be reached at yucdirectors@gmail.com

Starting a Team

If you are interested in starting a team at your school, this guide can help.  It was written by Joel Houmes, who coaches our local select teams.  Keep in mind that it can sometimes take a year or two to really get a team launched, and it almost always has to start with interest from the students.  You should be in contact with the AD or Student Activities Director.  Sometimes new teams with fewer players can combine with another team that needs players. All new teams will receive a set of cones and discs from the league to help them get started.  Contact the league directors if you need more information.

Helping with a Team

If you are interested in helping coach a team in YUC, please contact the league directors.  Assistant coaches are always needed, and they can put you in touch with a team near where you live or work.  It doesn't take a lot of experience to coach youth: if you can teach someone how to throw a forehand, or explain home and away force, you can coach.

Registering a Team

To register a team in the league, you must fill out this form and return it to the league director by Jan 31, 2024: Team Registration Form   All teams must also roster with USAU (see below).

Coaching Requirements

All teams must have at least one coach who is 21 or older, and all coaches and assistants should be 21 or older.   ALL coaches, heads, and assistants, must send their emails to yucdirectors@gmail.com to be on the league mailing list.  ALL coaches, heads, and assistants, must complete the coaching requirements of a background check, concussion training, and familiarity with the rules and league policies.  The complete list with links can be found here: coaching requirements.  These should be completed by all coaches by Feb. 18, 2023.  If a coach on your staff is missing any requirements, your team will forfeit any games scheduled until they are complete.  Coaches must also comply with any requirements their school sets (which may include the VIRTUS training for Catholic Schools).


All players who attend a high school must play for that school's team.  If a player's school doesn't have a team, they can play for any team in the league.  Players must be 13 by June 1, 2023, and no older than 18 on August 1, 2023 to play in A or B Divsion.  C Divison is designed for Middle School or new players.  If you have questions about a player's eligibility, please contact the league directors.


All players must have a parent complete the online waiver and medical release form through the CUPA website.  Medical information will be accessible from the site for all team coaches and league directors.  CUPA will not accept paper waivers from coaches.  However, it is still the coach's responsibility to have a copy of the emergency medical form (either a paper form, or access to the electronic version) with them at every practice, game, and tournament.  

To begin practicing or playing, all players need to register for this (free) league which enables electronic waiver/medical release form.

How to Access your Teams Med Release/Waivers

Creating a Team and Event Rostering on USAU

All High School teams must be rostered with USAU.   Find USAU membership help documents here.   Team organizers can pay for multiple players' memberships at one time, or players themselves can pay for the membership.  Further, each team will need a cleared USAU chaperone on the team roster before the event roster can be filled.  

Planning to Participate at the State Championship; Players wishing to play YCC for Pig, Piglet, Bullseye

Teams participating at Ohio State Championship (qualifier and/or State Tournament proper) will need a Coach with USAU coach membership.

Reminder - eligibility for 2023 Youth Club Championship U20 teams requires the player to participate in the state championships (qualifier counts).  Talk to Zach Kaylor, Izzi Bikun or GA Wettengel with questions.

ALL PLAYERS MUST HAVE A USAU ACCOUNT and BE WAIVERED ON THE USAU WEBSITE.  Players have two USAU membership options:   Full 1-Year Youth membership ($40), or One-Time-Event ($17).  Players who do not plan to participate in the State Qualifier or State tournaments can choose to pay the One-Time-Event fee.  In either case, they need to register online at usaultimate.org.  

League Fees

The fee for playing in YUC includes a disc for each player. Please encourage your players to pay online when they register.  If needed, a check can be submitted instead.  Checks should be made out to CUPA.

League fee:  $40

League Dates

All our games are played on Sunday afternoons at fields around the city.  You can access the specific schedules here:  A Division      B Division     C Division

February 17-18 Lock-in Tournament

March 10, 17, 24  League Games (no games Sunday, March 31)

April  7, 14, 21, 28  League Games 

May 5, 12  League Game

May 11 All-Star Game

May 18  End of Season YUC Tournament

June 1-2 Ohio State Championship


CUPA will reimburse you for any USAU certifications/background checks.  We will also reimburse you for a first aid kit, up to $15.  Please send your receipts, along with your name, address, and school name, to the CUPA Treasurer.

Concussion Information for Players

State law requires that we provide information on concussions to all players.  You can download that here: concussion information  Please distribute this to your team.

Here is a concussion fact sheet for players.  Please distribute this to your team also.


Coaching Manual

Here is a great training manual. This takes you through a whole season of ultimate, from teaching the basics of throwing to advanced strategy drills.  It's a tremendous resource!


Here is a handy glossary and you can share with your team or parents.

Throwing Diagnostics

Help your players throw better with this throwing diagnostics guide.

Rules Quiz

Here is a helpful quiz on the rules you can use with your players (these quizzes are based on the old, 11th Edition Rules, but are still useful): rules quiz, answers.  We know that not every player is going to know all the rules, but helping them learn is a big part of coaching.  2024/2025 Rules of Ultimate

Parent Involvement

Here is a guide to building a network of parental involvement and support for your team.